Waste to Energy

We, at TurboTech, are “tech savvy” engineers with a mission to protect our environment and make the world greener through various innovations. Our latest turbine innovation takes us closer to our goal.

We, at TurboTech have a holistic approach and constantly strive for “Sustainability” with commitment to low emissions. Sustainability isa means for us to develop products in partnership with our environment and society. We look at technology as a tool, to improve the quality of our lives, protect our ecosystem and preserve our natural resources for future generations. We at TurboTech, are “tech savvy” engineers with a mission to protect our environment and make the world greener through various innovations.

As a developing country, urbanisation is inevitable but developing with means of clean and sophisticated approach is utmost important. With the limited natural resources in urban areas, government puts a lot of effort to conserve and recycle it, while protecting our environment. In this process, there are either sour gas greenhouse gas emissions, which are harmful for the ecosystem, especially cities.

In the past TurboTech has demonstrated incidental energy in steam turbines preventing tons of carbon emissions.Continuing our mission, we have now come up with an idea to generate power from waste. We have turbine technology, where we will use impure, raw gas to generate power ensuing low (BS-VI) emissions to the environment. It will not only help recycle natural resources but also maintain cleanliness and generate power.This makes the plant self-sustainable avoiding greenhouse emissions.

Sustainability is the only way forward to develop products and services. This is something we’re proud of and take it as our moral obligation towards future generations to ensure a safe and livable future.

TurboTech Recuperated Gas Turbine

TurboTech’s ‘tech Series’ is here with curated articles on products and innovation that demonstrate our in-house technology.

One of the predominant accolades that we hear often is, “TurboTech is like a university of Turbomachinery in itself”, this humbles us and motivates us to strive for better innovation-led technology in the field.


Energy Conservation Turbine (ECT -TM)

The second article in the “Tech Series” talks about our flagship Energy Conservation Turbine ECT-TM. It helps to prevent approximately 700,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually.

Today, we have fully indigenous design for saturated and superheated steam applications ranging from a 20 kW to 5500 kW in various modes of Straight Back Pressure, Straight Condensing, Extraction / Bleed cum Back Pressure, as well as Extraction / Bleed cum Condensing.


Energy Conservation Turbine (ECT-TM) and BLISK Technology

This is the third article in the “Tech Series”. It talks about our flagship Energy Conservation Turbine ECT-TM. For us at TurboTech, it’s a daily affair to use the BLISK in our Energy Conservation Turbine (ECT-TM), machined as one piece, with blades and disks integral.

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Application of TurboTech’s ECT™ Turbines in Geothermal Plants

Geothermal energy power stations need steam turbines that can handle saturated steam at a variety of pressures. TurboTech’s ECT™ Turbines are specially designed to not only handle saturated steam, but are also tolerant of corrosive impurities in the geothermal steam.

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