TurboTech Recuperated Gas Turbine

TurboTech’s ‘tech Series’ is here with curated articles on products and innovation that demonstrate our in-house technology.

TurboTech’s ‘tech Series’ is here with curated articles on products and innovation that demonstrate our in-house technology. One of the predominant accolades that we hear often is, “TurboTech is like a university of Turbomachinery in itself”, this humbles us and motivates us to strive for better innovation-led technology in the field.

Let’s ask ourselves, how many have the capability to design and develop gas turbine in India?To be candid, very few and you can count on your fingertips. Being said that, there are western MNC’s set up their infrastructure, however predominantly for analysis and partial design activities with an exception of export control. It is our exceptional courage and technical stimulus that enables us to have “India’s first indigenously designed and developed gas turbines”, way back in 1997. It demands remarkable technical depth and capability to venture such developments and we demonstrated with not only gas turbines but also with a comprehensive in-house test facility.

Our recuperated gas turbine is a modular design with-

  • Single rotating shaft running at 30k rpm with ultra-low vibrations
  • High grade aerospace materials, enabling exceptional reliability and longer life.
  • High electrical efficiency and best-in-class thermal efficiency of >75% with CHP  and CCHP.
  • Have fuel flexibility with wide range of gaseous and liquid fuels.
  • A small footprint having plug and play feature.
  • Environment friendly ultra-low emissions
  • Highly reliable product with TBO > 25,000 hours

This recuperated gas turbine finds a wide range of applications, especially several  process industries like distilleries, chemicals, pharmacy, paper, food or any industry  where there is a requirement of both heat and power. It can also be used in  hospitality industry where exhaust from the gas turbine can be used, to generate  chilled water for air conditioning and hot water for kitchen requirements.

Energy Conservation Turbine (ECT -TM)

The second article in the “Tech Series” talks about our flagship Energy Conservation Turbine ECT-TM. It helps to prevent approximately 700,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually.

Today, we have fully indigenous design for saturated and superheated steam applications ranging from a 20 kW to 5500 kW in various modes of Straight Back Pressure, Straight Condensing, Extraction / Bleed cum Back Pressure, as well as Extraction / Bleed cum Condensing.


Energy Conservation Turbine (ECT-TM) and BLISK Technology

This is the third article in the “Tech Series”. It talks about our flagship Energy Conservation Turbine ECT-TM. For us at TurboTech, it’s a daily affair to use the BLISK in our Energy Conservation Turbine (ECT-TM), machined as one piece, with blades and disks integral.

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Waste to Energy

We, at TurboTech, are “tech savvy” engineers with a mission to protect our environment and make the world greener through various innovations. Our latest turbine innovation takes us closer to our goal.

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Application of TurboTech’s ECT™ Turbines in Geothermal Plants

Geothermal energy power stations need steam turbines that can handle saturated steam at a variety of pressures. TurboTech’s ECT™ Turbines are specially designed to not only handle saturated steam, but are also tolerant of corrosive impurities in the geothermal steam.

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Pioneering Advancements in Steam Turbines

This article explores the remarkable contributions of TurboTech India in advancing steam turbine technology and their impact on the power generation industry.

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Low-Pressure Turbines (LPT) and Their Industrial Impact

While often overshadowed by their high-pressure counterparts, low-pressure turbines (LPTs) play a crucial role in maximizing efficiency and harnessing the full potential of energy sources across various industries.

Experience the difference with TurboTech's tailored LPT solution..


Steam Turbines: Unlocking Solar Energy

Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plants represent a remarkable fusion of cutting-edge technology and renewable energy principles.

With ongoing advancements in both CSP and TurboTech steam turbine technology, we can look forward to a future powered by the sun, ensuring a brighter and more sustainable tomorrow.