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Established in 1989, we are a one-stop solution provider in the energy industry.

We are a creative firm focused on discovering new applications in the fields of co-generation and non-conventional energy for high speed and high-efficiency turbo-machinery technology.

Over the years, we have designed and developed a series of highly efficient steam turbines ranging from 20 to 5500 kW for both energy conservation and power generating applications.

These co-gen and tri-gen products, aimed at the MSME sector, were developed with the assistance of the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (Government of India).

In addition, we have a separate division that continues to work with the Indian Defense. It caters to deliver mission-critical precision engineering systems for the government of India’s strategic establishments such as “Naval Science & Technological Laboratory- Vizag,” “Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd,” and “DRDO- Bangalore,” among others.

We strongly believe in designing, developing, manufacturing, and providing turbomachinery services that harness innovation to serve genuine value engineering.


Timeline of TurboTech


Outstanding after Sales service
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TurboTech really understands the requirement and provides best application solutions. They showed us a better way for cost saving by generating 135kW electricity on our own and reducing carbon footprint. Their after sales support is really outstanding.

Best Technology
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TurboTech presents the best technology and services that comprises capabilities to address customer challenges and add value. For many of you, that may include electricity challenges, high cost per kilowatt, environmental safety . Hence, the steam turbine in our unit with 80kW capacity is one of the best ways for effective cost savings and economical impact. The payback period also works in favour of the process industry like ours.

excellent steam turbine technology
Bilt Graphic Paper Products Ltd
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TurboTech went far beyond the service levels of most businesses. They took a personal interest in solving our problem , and they did. The company has excellent steam turbine technology, and an efficient team to work with.

unbreakable support
Technical Group, USA
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Power Plant

I wish to thank you for your unbreakable support. The TurboTech team in India has made an incredible come back with a good solution and work along with us and help us with a crazy and very difficult customer. My personal gratitude to all the people in India. This is our first experience with TurboTech and it was not a baby-step, we went directly to the Olympics and we crossed the finishing line (we never quit).

What we do best

With over 35 years of expertise, TurboTech has earned a legacy of excellence in technology while building innovation-centric services. Our skilled team of 100+ employees is committed to creating products that ensure innovation, efficiency, and sustainability.

Our in-house R&D facilities provide state of the art manufacturing technologies to cater to the modern business needs.

With our wide presence we provide our solutions globally.
Design, Manufacture & Installation of Turbines.
EPC & ESCO Services Provided.