Turbo Tech's Energy Conservation Turbine has varied applications in Industry to generate valuable energy in form of electric power.

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Energy Conservation Turbines from Turbotech generate power by energy conservation, without burning fuel. 1 kW-h of energy generated in our turbines prevents 1.20 kg of CO2 emission from the Public Utility . TurboTech’s fleet of over 100 ECT turbines prevent more than 120,000 Tons of CO2 emission annually.

Turbotech Gas Turbine is a simple rugged, gas turbine designed specifically for industrial cogeneration.

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Turbotech is a Full-fledged Turbine Company involved in Product Design, Manufacture, Testing and Service.

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Low Cost (about us $450 per KW),
High Utilization factor (about 80-95%) equals best "bang for buck" compared to other Clean-Tech Investments

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